Top 10 Websites for Question and Answers

With the evolution of internet in the past decade or so, people are able to find almost any information regarding any topic or subject. Thus internet has become a knowledge base for all sorts of information. But at times people find it difficult to find answers to their questions which might be related to local issues, personal problems and suggestions. In order to find answers to these questions, people post these questions in one of the online question and answer websites. There are some hundreds of question and answers websites out there on the web, The following are top 10 question and answers websites which are widely used across the globe. All the sites in the top 10 list are most popular and millions of people get answers, advice and suggestions in these websites every day. So if you have any questions, ask them in any one or some of the following sites and get help from real people online.


2. Yahoo Answers




6. Just Answer

7. Answer Bag

8. Ask Me Help Desk

9. The Answer Bank

10. Rediff Q&A

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