Top 3 Websites for writers

Every person who is trying his hand at writing will face some problems in the process. Not only some newbie but at times even a well established writer may come across a problem or face some sort of difficulty while writing. There are many websites out there which help writers in these regards. All Writers might have faced at least one of the following problems like writers block, visualization, imagination, passion for writing, character development, plot development, topic to write etc while writing. At these times it is better to interact with fellow writers, read something interesting and spend time for your favorite hobby etc will help a bit. The following are the top 3 websites for writers which help them in every aspect possible as far as writing is concerned.

1. Absolute Write website features some thousands of articles about writing, lot of message boards, Conducts writing contests, very valuable interviews of bigwigs, worthy classifieds and much more. This website covers a very wide range of topics related to writing and can be more than handy for any writer.

2. Writing has been online since 2000 and has been the premier online community for writers of all interests and no matter what their skill levels are. This website offers hundreds of unique writing tools and opportunities to in create a suitable environment and inspire writers. It allows writers to create free online writing portfolio and makes it easy to share their work with fellow writers in the community and provides numerous writing tools and much more.

3. Writer’s Digest provides all sorts of information and resources required for a writing community. This website allows writers to connect with other writers through their forum, posts valuable info in their blogs, organizes many competitions and contests related to writing and much more. In one line we can say that it is one stop destination for all writers out there.

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