Top Three Motivational Books

Reading is a very good habit to have. It helps one to imagine things in their own perspective while reading unlike watching TV where there is no scope for any sort of imagination. Everything on TV is predetermined and we have to watch only what is projected. Reading gives wings to our imagination. Same story can be imagined in different manner by different people.  Unfortunately, now-a-days not many people are into reading.  But, that is changing slowly. People have started to realize the importance of developing reading habit in their children from childhood onwards. So, as a result, many children have started to read books from the early stages of their life.

                                               Not all people’s taste would be same. Different people might like different genres of books. Some of them might enjoy reading motivational books, some might enjoy fiction, some might like reading romantic novels and some history, self-help and more. Whatever might be the genre, the very urge to read is bound to help in future.

                                               In this particular post, the usefulness of motivational books is being the criteria, let’s discuss about top three motivational books. The very aim of a motivational book is to motivate its reader and inspire him to achieve certain things on his own. Since ages, some hundreds of motivational books have been published. Not all of them went on to become huge hits and critically acclaimed. Some might have achieved commercial success while critics didn’t them and some books scored high with critics but didn’t sell much. So we are not going to discuss about all of them. The following are the top three motivational books which were successful in scoring both the above aspects. Critics liked them and readers from all over the world loved them. There is no particular order to rate these books. And remember, different people might have different opinions. The following three motivational books are what we liked the most and expect to be loved by many. There might be many other motivational books out there which are as good as these.

The Top Three Motivational Books

1.      1.  The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
                This book is written by Stephen R. Covey. This book became such a big success that some millions of its copies are sold. This book deals with and explains about the powerful lessons to bring a personal change.

2.     2.   The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
        This book is written by Robin Sharma. This is also another international bestseller. Over a million copies of it were sold. It’s a fable about fulfilling your dreams and reaching your destiny. This book received great reviews and feedback from the readers has been amazing.

3.       3. The Last Lecture
       This book has been written by Randy Pausch.  This book is all about Randy Pausch giving his last lecture about “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams”. In this book he has combined the humor, inspiration and intelligence in right mixture. This book too became a bestseller and has inspired many of its readers.

If the above top three motivational books are read, one is sure to get motivated and inspired. The very perspective of our lives change after reading these books.  These are the type of books that should be treasured in the bookshelves and re-read many times to keep us continuously motivated.


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