Top 3 Websites for Movies Info, Movie Reviews

The following is the list of top 3 websites for movies information, new movie reviews and for everything you want to know about a movie.

1. IMDB website is one stop destination for all the information regarding the movies. IMDB stands for Internet Movie Database. It has the largest movie database which has almost every detail about films, reviews, actors, hollywood movies, actresses, directors and other details regarding movies. It has won many awards given in the field of movie sites. when ever people think of finding some info about a movie, this is the first website which comes to their mind. This website has visitors from around the globe.

2. Rotten Tomatoes is among the top 3 websites for movies info. It has one of the best database of films. Rotten Tomatoes website's reviews about new movies are regarded highly by its visitors. It provides critic scores of a movie, latest movie trailers and everything one need to know about a flim. It also publishes latest film news, picture galleries of celebrities, films and details about the collections of a movie at boxoffice.

3. All Movie is another topmost movie website which provides information regarding films, movie trailers, movie synopsis and its review including the actors, actresses and technicians details.

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