Top Three Cities to Visit in US

There are many wonderful cities and beautiful places in US that it takes many holidays to see all these places. If provided with very few holidays and want to make most out of it, then the following list of top 3 cities to visit in US will help a bit. There are lot of places to be seen within these cities and around them. Have a look at this list of top three must visit cities in America.

1. New York
New york city has best museums, hotels, great architecture, world class restaurants, lovely theaters and everything in it. This city is multicultural and almost makes to every list of top places in US to visit. This is such a fascinating city that every American is proud of this city.

2. Los Vegas
This is the ultimate place for party lovers. Many call it gambleville as it is famous for best casinos. This city also has top class star hotels, luxury resorts, famous shows, best spas and golf courses. If you have the money, you must party in Los Vegas to know the real meaning of pleasure. Apart from all this party related stuff, this city also has many natural treasures in and around it such as Colorado river, Red rock, Grand Canyon and death valley.

3. Los Angeles
This city of celebrities has many wonderful places. Hollywood, Malibu beach, Beverly Hills and Sunset Boulevard are some to name a few.

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