Top 3 Causes of Death in the World

As development continues to progress, all fields continue to see advancements. Even medical and health field also see the same rate of progress. So many diseases which were incurable few years back are now curable and in some cases completely avoidable. For this reason, the main causes of death across the globe might vary from time to time. The following is the list of top 3 causes of death in the world according to some reports in the media. Have a look at them.

1). Ischaemic heart disease
According to reports, this disease is the number one cause of death in the world as more than 7 million people died due to this. It constitutes for more than 12% of deaths worldwide.

2). Stroke and other cerebrovascular disease
This diseases took lives of more than 6 million people in the world which constitutes for more than 10% deaths.

3). Lower respiratory infections
These infections were responsible for the deaths of more than 3 million people across the globe and it constitutes for more than 6% of deaths worldwide.

The main causes for deaths may vary depending on countries. Its different in developed countries when compared to developing and underdeveloped countries. For example top causes of death in US will be different from the top causes of death in Nepal. Depending on the medical facilities available and awareness in people about different diseases makes the difference.

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