Top 5 Websites For Girls

The following are the some of the top websites for girls which deal with the interests of girls from around the world.

Top 5 Websites for Girls

Seventeen offers latest fashion advice, dating, health tips related to hair, skin and beauty tips, makeup ideas along with college and career planning. It also offers freebies, quizzes and daily horoscope.

GirlSense is specially created and designed for tween and teen girls. On this GirlSense website one can play lot of dress up games with dolls, can create their own fashions and much more.

It is a website completely dedicated to girls. It tries to infuse confidence in all girls. It says that girls are strong, smart and bold.

It is one of the leading online websites for girls which has interesting games for girls, quizzes, latest news about fashions, makeup etc, all related to girls.

A girls world is one of the leading online community written and edited by girls and teens from around the world for preteen and teen girls. It features activities and fun stuff for girls along with entertainment news, movie previews, journals, diaries, recipes, fun party ideas, contests and crafts.

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