Top 2 Websites for Free Download of Music

Any music fan will think of downloading lot of songs and music of their favourite artists. But in order to download music legally one has to purchase the song and music from the top reputed sites. It costs more and this sites rarely allow free download of music. The following is the list of top two websites for free download of music which feature lesser known music artists and recordings by allowing downloads of thousands of songs for free.

1). Jamendo

Jamendo is a multilingual site which was started in 2005 and is available to users from around the globe. It has some thousands of albums available for free download and licensed through creative commons and free art licenses.

2). Internet Archive's Audio Archive

The Audio Archive of the Internet Archive is a free collection that includes audio books, news broadcasts, and old time radio shows as well as music. The music collection numbers over 50,000 recordings all available for free download. Many music lovers from around the globe search this site for the music collection which are rarely availble online.

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