List of Top 10 Websites in US

Internet users in United States of America are pretty advanced and are aware of latest happenings in the web world. Their taste change with the invention of new technology and features. This is the reason why many sites which are in the regular list of top 10 websites in US in terms visitors keep changing except a few. Many of this top websites are from different niches. The following is the list of top ten sites in America in terms visitors at the time of this post.

1). Google
Basically it is a search engine which help the internet users search the web, images, videos, blogs and almost everything on the web.

2). Facebook
Basically a social networking site which connects people and helps them to keep with friends, allows to upload photos, share videos, links and much more.

3). Yahoo
It is also a search engine like google with personalized content and search options. It provides different features like e-mail, chatrooms, pager, clubs and much more.

4). Youtube
It is a site where you can upload your videos and share with the people around the world. Its free and easy to use.

5). Amazon
It is a place on the web where all types of products can be bought online for discount rates.

6). Wikipedia
It is a free encyclopedia where data is built collaboratively with common contributions of its users.

7). Twitter
It is a micro blogging service website which became an instant hit with the internet users around the globe.

8). Ebay
In this site different types of products are auctioned person to person internationally.

9). Craiglist
It is a free classified site in which ads can be posted on a city basis worldwide.

10). Windows live
This is a search engine from microsoft similar to google and yahoo. It has its own set of features.

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