Top Internet Searches on Google, Yahoo and Bing

Many internet users from around the world can now know what is the present hot topic in the web by knowing about the hot trending topics on top search engines such as google, yahoo and bing. Each of this search engines provide different tools to know about the top internet searches. The following is the list of links to find top web searches in the top 3 search engines.

1. Google Trends
Google Trends provides insights into broad search patterns in the web particularly in Google.

2. Yahoo Buzz
yahoo buzz is the percentage of Yahoo users searching for that subject on a given day in yahoo.

3. Bing Xrank
Bing Xrank can be used find the top-moving searches on bing. These are real searches from users on the day peaked in popularity on xRank.

Use the above top 3 sources to find the hot searches on the web, current web topics and much more and gain insight search trending.

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