Top 10 New Year Resolutions for Everyone

New Year's Eve is the right time to look back in to the past and take new resolutions for the upcoming new year. The following is the list of top 10 New Year resolutions which many people around the will make.

1. Get Fit
This new year get fit and be fabulous. Regular exercise has been associated with more health benefits than anything else known to man.

2. Help people in Need
Make a regular habit of helping other people around you who are in need of some help. Never hesitate to do a good work which helps for a better society. Don't be a selfish.

3. Spend and Enjoy More Time with Family And Friends
This are the people who will burst your stress. spend quality time with them and become a good husband, father, son, friend.

4. Enjoy Spice of Life
Everyone has problems. So don't let your problems discourage you. Enjoy every bit of life as and how it comes and live happily.

5. Decrease Weight
Now a days many people are overweight. Its not a bad idea to decrease your body weight and increase your physical glamor.

6. Quit Drinking
Little bit of drinking is ok and too much has severe consequences. Its good idea to quit drinking because you will not be your self when you are drunk. Be yourself.

7. Quit Smoking
This is really a bad habit which kills slowly. Be aware of that and find a way to get rid of this habit.

8. Learn Something New
Try to learn something new about anything which interests you. Make it a habit and after some time you will be proud to have learned something new.

9. Get Organized
Plan everything you do. A minute spent on planning is an hour of work saved.

10. Clear All Your Debts
A person who does not have any debts will not have any type of stress related to money matters. So plan to get out of financial crunches that you are presently in.

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